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BrightArrow stands by a core value of taking care of its customers. This enduring value has guided us in helping our customers relay important messages in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. During these unprecedented and unsettling times, communication is of utmost importance and the ability to send out time-relevant messages is critical. BrightArrow has adhered to our mission that the reliable delivery of your messages is our top priority.

Our commitment goes above and beyond not only the delivery of messages, but in helping you identify other ways to use our system for the transmittal of time-sensitive information. We would like to do our part to help our customers navigate these prodigious times with a little more ease. Therefore, here are some ideas for you of ways that customers have been using the BrightArrow system to communicate important messages and enhance the way they relay key information:

  • Secure Document Delivery. The way we communicate daily has now drastically changed over the course of this pandemic. No longer are we able to physically hand over paperwork to constituents or even access the material for sending snail mail documents. BrightArrow gives you the tool to send electronic documents, for example, report cards, through email. Time and money spent on mailing documents with envelopes and stamps has now been eliminated. Simply email those important documents all with a few clicks of a button. Have fun with a machines a sous gratuites.
  • Expand Your Number of BrightArrow Users. Now with distant learning in full effect, teachers are having to communicate electronically more than before. BrightArrow provides the capabilities for teachers and other staff members to use the notification system, all using their own login from your BrightArrow account. Your license includes the ability of all staff and faculty to use the system, and their level of list access is customizable. During these unsettling times, let BrightArrow help you and all your users manage the way you communicate.
  • Help Parents Prioritize Based on Message Type. More than ever, your constituents are being inundated with messages. You can make things easier for them if you send most of your informational messages via email and reserve texts and calls for the most important and time-sensitive messages. It is much easier for people to organize and search through email folders than try to find information amongst what can be a large number of text messages or voice mails. They are also receiving an unprecedented number of messages from sources other than you, and you can help them with the prioritization and urgency of the information by constraining the way you are sending it to fit the urgency of the information. If it's information that they need to know or refer back to via searches, it is best if that information is presented via email. If you need them to act immediately, then a text or a call is perfect. If you text them too much, however, there is a tendency for parents to start ignoring your texts – you reduce the impact of your next message. We suggest, therefore, that you send only your critical and time-sensitive items using calls or text messages, while most other information be reserved for emails or posted on your website. This way, when you send an automated call or text, your parents and staff pay attention because they know they are receiving an important message.
  • Notify Lunch Availability. Most public schools are providing lunches for students during this pandemic. Therefore, information about availability, schedules, and the locations of meal pick-up can be relayed to parents. BrightArrow provides you with the tools to send out notifications to help with this process. Many districts and schools send parents updated information via emails and push notifications, so they know the latest timing and locations of these meals.
  • Provide Links. In conjunction with distant learning, a lot of schools are sharing more personal messages by recording video into private YouTube channels. BrightArrow's system allows you to send links of these private recordings to your constituents. Other information that can be added to your email in the form of links and attachments further expands the information you can send to them.

Over the course of these past weeks, we have received many wonderful comments from our customers, expressing how our system has made the way they are communicating during these unprecedented times easier. This continues to motivate us with helping our customers communicate reliably and efficiently, especially now more than ever, so we thank you. Here are a few examples:

"We have been using your program for about 10 years now. We love it! It is easy for us to use it to notify our families of changes with this pandemic. We are able to set up different groups to help our administration reach out to those that need further instruction." – Lake Lure Classical Academy

"Thank you to the entire BrightArrow team. We appreciate all the hard work you have put in to help in these crazy times. You're all rock stars in my book." – Traverse City Area Public Schools

"Thank you to you and your team for all your efforts this past week. It has been challenging for us all but knowing we have a great partnership with a great group of people at BrightArrow eases some of our burdens as we work through history in the making." – Hanover School Division

BrightArrow actively and continuously has been increasing and expanding capacity in order to get messages out in a timely manner. Each day we continue to take more steps to grow our peak messaging capacities – in fact, our emailing capacity is more than double what it was just three weeks ago. Please reach out to us, as we are here to help and are committed to preserving your ability to relay important notifications simultaneously, and especially during times where communication is a necessity.

We value you as a customer and we are proud to be your partner.



Fundraising With BrightArrow

Fundraising is changing and the way you communicate with supporters is more paramount than ever. Mobile devices make it easy for donors to connect with your cause and engage with online giving. Capturing sponsorship for your cause is now easier and BrightArrow has all the tools to help you reach the masses and develop your call-to-actions in order to see results. Click the button below to learn of ways to notify your supporters using BrightArrow to integrate a mobile communication strategy by delivering text messages, emails and direct phone calls to your supporters, instantly.



BrightChat Instant Messaging

BrightArrow, the communication engine that thousands of organizations have relied upon for 21 years for emergency and mass notification, has now delivered as a beta test the world's most robust teacher/parent communication environment. For effective communication, a two-way dialog is often necessary, at many levels, and a way to tightly manage relayed information. BrightArrow now delivers a secure, automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app that will broaden your communications. Take some time by clicking the button below to learn more about BrightChat and some ways that it's unique from other two-way communication apps.



Customer Profile Interview

BrightArrow's success is measured by the success of its customers using the products and services that were created with them in mind. BrightArrow takes pride in catering to the individual needs of those who it serves. By offering a powerful suite of tools for notification purposes, our customers can communicate in a productive and powerful way. Click the button below for this month's customer profile – an interview with Dorrell Spence, Data Information Specialist at Lewiston Public Schools. Learn how he utilizes BrightArrow's products to communicate, especially during these unprecedented times. 




We offer our customers free emailing of electronic files.
Send Report Cards or Other Files to Your Constituents.

As a customer of BrightArrow, you have full access to email electronic files – including those where the PDF file is different for each student, such as report cards. Some schools using BrightArrow are not aware of this feature, or don't know how to use it. With the coronavirus pandemic, we realize the importance of being able to deliver files electronically, so please reach to us if you need help in fully utilizing this feature. As a public service, we have also decided to offer this feature free to non-customer schools for the rest of this school year. If you know of districts or independent schools that could benefit from this, encourage them to reach out to us – no strings attached. If you have a chance, can you mention this via online forums and chat groups with other schools? We have dramatically increased our emailing capacity so we can provide this community service to all schools and districts.  

Reach out to for more information!

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The Power of BrightArrow

You have choices for your messaging and notification platform. As the fastest growing platform, BrightArrow now delivers more functionality than all of the other systems combined. Its products and features are broader than other notification solutions and the support and customization is unmatched.

BrightArrow makes it easy and error-free to create and send messages to your constituents. Using both the web interface, or the BrightArrow app, you can productively relay a message via voice calls, text messages or emails all from within one page.

BrightArrow provides the most powerful, feature-rich and integrated mass notification system on the market. Send unlimited voice calls, texts, emails, push notifications and social media posts all with a few clicks of a button.

Take some time to learn about some of the solutions we provide our customers by clicking the button below. Perhaps you will find a new solution that you were unaware of or you can pass on this information to others that may need a mass communication system that will enable them to send notifications efficiently.

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