BrightArrow’s Privacy and Security Policy:

BrightArrow will never distribute, use, or review any private data (except to review, as requested by the customer, for technical support research purposes). We do not sell or give away any data to any organization, nor do we use the data for any sales, marketing, or advertising purposes. A very limited number of BrightArrow personnel have access to the servers containing customer contact and account information. These employees operate within the constraints of strict employee confidentiality agreements which carefully and thoroughly protect the data.

BrightArrow works with various Organizations (schools, businesses, etc.) to collect and use data about their Contacts (students, parents, employees, etc.) in the following ways:

Data Collection
We receive Contact information in the form of phone numbers, email address, names, and/or contact numbers used by the Organization to uniquely identify each contact. The Organization may also furnish us with demographic information (grade level, gender, building assignment, etc.) for use in filtering their Contacts. We only receive information from the Organization that was provided to them by their own Contacts. We obtain this information by regularly synchronizing our servers with the Organization through various methods of data transfer. We also maintain login information (username, password, and recovery email) for the Organization to provided trusted users with access to their data.

Data Use
Collected data is used by the Organization to reach out to its Contacts about things such as upcoming events, school closures, or other communications. We work with external telephony services to deliver these messages, providing them only with phone numbers for calls or texts, email addresses for emails, and message contents to protect the rest of the Contact data.

BrightArrow can also be configured to allow sending of messages to the Organization’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, although this feature is only set up and activated by the Organization’s request. To remove the Facebook integration: 1) Log in to 2) Go to your Facebook profile’s Apps and Websites settings tab 3) Remove BrightArrow app.

Data Deletion
Organizations can request deletion of their data by contacting our support team and we will remove their associated data from our system. Please send an email to and specifically request that your contact information be removed. Contacts may have their data removed by contacting their Organization to have their data removed from both the Organization’s system as well as our own, or reaching out to us directly using the same support email above. We ask Contacts to include their email address and phone number to assist us in removing their data.