BrightArrow + MBA Are Better Together

Did you know that BrightArrow provides the software service to use MBA’s report creator and fees? Both organizations deliver a couple of integrated solutions that compliment one another in which districts tremendously benefit and heavily utilize these services.

There Is So Much More That BrightArrow Offers…

BrightArrow provides a robust and feature-rich solution for your mass notification and messaging needs. The broad scope of what you can accomplish goes beyond expectations by implementing unique benefits and features that are often not in many of the other mainstream choices.

K-12 communications is BrightArrow’s specialty: the company leverages its vast knowledge of K-12 databases and integration with modern communications technologies and software development techniques. The result is a solution where the database integration is seamless, the feature set is deep, and with an interface that is intuitive to use and accessible to computer users of all levels.

Check out what your organization can accomplish when you upgrade from BrightArrow’s Email Only version to the full feature-rich version.

Schools and districts can share a wealth of information with their communities using BrightArrow. Its automated notification service is designed for emergency notifications, attendance calls, two-way messages, informational communications and a variety of other school-related alerts and messages. Public school districts, charter schools, and private school systems alike prefer and love BrightArrow!

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We find BrightArrow to be an easy-to-use solution for communications between our pastor and the congregation. The personal nature of a voice message was exactly what we were looking for and was warmly received by our church members. It is a user-friendly tool and the BrightArrow staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Good Shepherd Church & School
Elgin, IL

“Our church uses BrightArrow’s service to send out urgent prayer requests. It’s an excellent way to reach a large amount of people in various formats of texts, phone and email. I highly recommend this company.

Dawn Cushard, Hickory Grove Church,
Tollesboro, KY