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BrightArrow’s K-12 General Schools Instructional Videos

Click the video above to learn about BrightArrow’s system capabilities.

BrightArrow provides a robust and feature-rich solution for your mass notification and messaging needs. Learn how you can connect and communicate with the click of a button using a system that is easy and reliable. Whether you are looking to send text messages, emails, phone calls, social media posts or any other informational notifications, BrightArrow is your connection for extending your reach and making an impact.

Scroll below to learn how to use the BrightArrow System.

“One thing that BrightArrow offered us was ease of use, right out of the box. It was simple to set up; with a simple user interface, which is key, especially when you are dealing with many users – the simpler the better.”
– Dave Moon, Sultan School District, Technology Coordinator
What is BrightChat? BrightArrow’s secure, automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app used by teachers, coaches and administrators to send messages to parents, students and staff. Click the video below to learn more about this robust teacher/parent two-way communication app.
Below you will find instructional videos that will teach you how to operate BrightArrow’s mass notification system. Click the video under the description that you choose.

Purpose of BrightArrow’s mass notification system.

Learn how to navigate BrightArrow’s system.

Importing contacts into BrightArrow’s system.

Learn how to create HTML emails with BrightArrow.

Learn about voice call options with BrightArrow.

Learn how to import a contact list.

For more information or to set up a free live demonstration of BrightArrow’s products and services, please contact Sales@BrightArrow.com or visit our website at www.BrightArrow.com.