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WE'RE BRIGHTARROW DELIVERING EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS WITH MASS COMMUNICATIONS BrightArrow is revolutionizing the way organizations deliver messages simultaneously to large groups of people. MORE LEARN MORE BRIGHTARROW TECHNOLOGIES DELIVERS UNSURPASSED RELIABILITY, SPEED AND SECURITY We deliver powerful and cost-effective solutions that maximize an organization's ability and flexibility to communicate with their constituents. MORE REQUEST DEMO BRIGHTARROW'S 24/7 SUPPORT IS THE MOST RESPONSIVE IN THE INDUSTRY We pride ourselves in developing strong engagements with our customers while providing amazing support. CONTACT US MORE
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For the past 20 years BrightArrow Technologies has delivered powerful and cost-effective solutions to help organizations and individuals communicate in a faster, dependable and natural way that requires little technical knowledge or skill. We are known for the time we save our customers, the importance of our products in their lives and the integrity of our people.
Mass notification solution for calling patients and clients of healthcare organizations for purposes such as appointment reminders, lab results availability, prescription notices, or even reminders to order medications and other timely information.
Automated notification service designed for emergency notifications, attendance calls, informational messages and a variety of other school-related notifications. Public school districts, charter schools, and private and parochial school systems alike prefer and love our service.
government, business,
Time-sensitive announcements for travel, road condition advisories, utility and service interruptions. Useful in a variety of different businesses, such as real-estate companies and law firms. Non-profit uses such as volunteer activity announcements, change in service schedule or donation payment reminders.
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BrightArrow’s mass notification system is powerful, yet easy-to-use, allowing users to send messages from our web portal or mobile app. Our versatile, low-cost tools are used by school districts, businesses, healthcare companies, government facilities, non-profits and faith organizations.

Automatically deliver messages simultaneously to large groups of people using BrightArrow products and features. Our customers deliver voice messages, emails, text messages and social media posts seamlessly in a single action, at an unprecedented price.

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Why choose us
BrightArrow is revolutionizing the way organizations automatically deliver messages simultaneously to large groups of people. It delivers voice messages, emails, text messages and social media posts seamlessly in a single action, at an unprecedented price.
While the core of the BrightArrow solution is a widely deployed notification platform, the service offers many areas of customization that makes our service seem more of a "custom design" than an "off the shelf" solution.
Our products can do everything they're designed to do and then some, across several different industries. Take advantage of API calls with unlimited capabilities.
Our mass notification system is a powerful, yet easy-to-use application. BrightArrow ensures that our services carry the fastest expanding and adapting products in the marketplace.
No more importing of contacts with automatic database synchronization. Contact data can integrate with over 100 different types of databases.
The world's easiest, most inexpensive mass notification system. The high-value you receive from our products at a cost-effective rate is priceless.
Unparalleled 24/7 responsive customer support provided efficiently and in a friendly manner.
An expansive list of features that can enhance the user's capabilities. Choose from a wide-range of features to enhance our products.
The system performs the correct function at the desired level of speed performance, including website updates and App push notifications.
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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” -William A. Foster
client interaction

We take the time to get to know you and your organization so we can better serve you. Building a  strong business relationship based on trust with open, honest and authentic communication. As your partner, we are listening, collaborating and seeking to grow together.

setup & integration

Our team develops a customized solution by mapping out a path to prevail over your communication obstacles. As they say, all things are created twice: first mentally, then physically. We cover all bases with over 20 years of extensive and comprehensive development and state-of-the-art voice and messaging technology, BrightArrow delivers one of the most flexible and powerful notification systems suitable to your needs and provides you with all the necessary training as needed.

continuing support

After successful strategy execution, we are dedicated to providing training, continued support, enthusiasm and passion for your success. The goal is to stand by your side as a partner who will achieve optimal results, continuously, for your mass communication efforts. Our pledge to you is to keep the communication lines open to be able to handle and resolve any issues that may arise. Ensuring you are satisfied with BrightArrow is our success!

Customers say about us
The following quotes are typical for the customer appreciation that BrightArrow receives and those opinions we value and learn from in which we build our reputation. This underlines our commitment to provide total customer satisfaction and to over-achieve goals as your trusted partner. 
Testimonial Clay County HS
John Denton
Hermitage Springs School

“I would highly recommend BrightArrow. It is a very effective tool. It has made parent contact extremely convenient. My feedback has all been 100% positive on it. And like I said, the customer service is wonderful. You get speedy service and excellent help.”

Testimonial Sultan
Dave Moon
Sultan School District
Technology Coordinator

“One thing that BrightArrow offered us was ease of use, right out of the box. It was simple to set up; with a simple user interface, which is key, especially when you are dealing with many users – the simpler the better.”

Channahon School District 17
Susan Sprouse
Channahon School District 17

“Our school district has been extremely pleased with BrightArrow’s exceptional customer service. Even though our district is quite small, BrightArrow has exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond to help our district get set up to email report cards this spring. I cannot thank BrightArrow enough for all their help.”

Testimonial Traverse City
RaeAnn Fiebing
Traverse City Area Public Schools
Communications Manager

“BrightArrow did an excellent job getting us up and running and were extremely flexible in meeting our needs. We have been very pleased. Customer service is top notch!”

Testimonial Fremont
Joseph Siam
Fremont Unified School District
Chief Technology Officer

“The level of service, support, system features, all exceed my expectations. They are truly a partner to our school district.”

Kansas City testimonial
Penny F. Atchley
Kansas City Kansas Public Schools
Student Services Manager

“The system is easy to navigate which makes us confident about the messages we send. Their software consistently works and runs without any problems. I have no doubt that BrightArrow Technologies would be a valuable asset to your company and I give my highest recommendation.”

Grantham village school testimonial
Nora J. Tilton
Grantham Village School
Administrative Assistant

“Since the initial installation of the BrightArrow notification system, our office is more efficient in getting notifications to our families in a timely and efficient manner. BrightArrow manages their system exceptionally well and is always prepared to proactively identify options and solutions.”

Peter Cox
Portledge School
Director of Technology

Can you tell me about a time that you were proud of the customer service of BrightArrow?

“The first time we had to use the system was during Hurricane Sandy. We had just switched from a hard to work with system and BrightArrow’s system was easy to synchronize and it was accurate. For three weeks it was our only means of communication with parents and it worked well during a critical time. From that day, we were sold on it!”

Joseph Siam
Fremont Unified School District
Chief Technology Officer

What do you like the best about BrightArrow’s products and services?

“Ease of use. The support is fantastic, by far one of the best experiences of any of the vendors that we have dealt with.”

Dorrell Spence
Lewiston Public Schools
PowerSchool, Database and Information Specialist

What is an example of how BrightArrow has exceeded your expectations?

“We had a previous system where calls did not go through 25% of the time. I am impressed by BrightArrow’s call completions, as well as the features. Other companies charge for features and with BrightArrow, there is quite a savings with no extra charges.”

Richard Nelson
Mountain Grove Schools

What would you tell colleagues or those who don’t know about BrightArrow?

“An extremely effective and affordable tool.”

Tim Coates
The Webb Schools

Which features do you love about BrightArrow?

“The texting features. The interface is simple and straightforward. You can train to use it in five minutes.”

Gary Holt
Cocke County High

What challenges or problems does BrightArrow solve for you?

“It would be impossible to reach out to parents in a timely manner without BrightArrow. The system allows mass calling to be very simple.”


Tim Coates
The Webb Schools

What made you want to try BrightArrow or what enticed you to switch to us?

“Blackbaud introduced us to the system. The conversation I had with Raymond sealed the deal. BrightArrow provides the best product possible, while building a partnership with us. The company cares and I trust them.”

Dave Moon
Sultan School District

What is the biggest benefit that you derive from BrightArrow’s service?

“Customer service and ease of use.”

Eric Miletich
Kalispell Public Schools
Database Administrator

What is one thing that BrightArrow should never stop doing?

“Everything! Continue to consistently evolve and release new versions and upgrades.”


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