BrightArrow’s Solution for Nonprofits

Connect your nonprofit organization with your constituents using BrightArrow’s mass notification messaging solution. Gone are the days of phone trees, whereas instant, simultaneous alerts and notifications can be achieved by the click of a button.

BrightArrow’s Solution for Nonprofits

Power of Information

BrightArrow provides a robust and feature-rich solution for your mass notification and messaging needs.

Learn how you can connect and communicate with the click of a button using a system that is easy and reliable. Whether you are looking to send fundraising awareness messages, donation alerts, healthcare appointment reminders, road closure notices or any other informational notifications, BrightArrow is your connection for extending your reach and making an impact.

Faith Organizations & Non-Profits,
A BrightArrow Solution

Top Claims

When you have essential information to disperse, you can be confident that it gets to the right people at the right time with BrightArrow.

BrightArrow is the only mass communications provider that tailors its solution to your needs rather than forcing you to bend to their system.

We don’t ask you to adapt to how our system works, but rather, we adapt to how you operate.

For 20 plus years, we have had the pleasure of helping thousands of clients solve their unique messaging requirements. We have applied our creativity, technical skills, and experience to create a solution that will likely meet your needs out-of-the-box.

We find BrightArrow to be an easy-to-use solution for communications between our pastor and the congregation. The personal nature of a voice message was exactly what we were looking for and was warmly received by our church members. It is a user-friendly tool and the BrightArrow staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Good Shepherd Church & School
Elgin, IL

“Our church uses BrightArrow’s service to send out urgent prayer requests. It’s an excellent way to reach a large amount of people in various formats of texts, phone and email. I highly recommend this company.

Dawn Cushard, Hickory Grove Church,
Tollesboro, KY