BrightArrow’s Notification Solution for Education

With our rich database integration technologies, you will not find a faster, easier or more cost effective tool for quickly delivering voice, text and email messages to parents for unexcused absences, informational announcements, emergency notifications and more.

BrightArrow’s Notification Solution for Education

Power of Information

Schools and districts can share a wealth of information with their communities using Brightarrow.

Public school districts, charter schools, and private and parochial school systems alike use our services. With extensive product development and state-of-the-art voice and messaging technology, BrightArrow delivers one of the most flexible and powerful notification systems available anywhere.

BrightArrow Technologies has been providing solutions to K-12 institutions for over 20 years.

Still owned and operated by the same visionaries who founded the company, BrightArrow continues to innovate and satisfy the needs of discriminating and demanding schools and districts across North America. The company’s philosophy is to provide a solution that adapts to the needs of your school/district, not force you to alter or change standard operating procedures to adapt to the notification system.

BrightArrow provides all of the features available in the more expensive systems, but also delivers unique benefits and features that are often not in many of the other mainstream choices. Below, explore the features and benefits while learning more about some of those unique advantages.

Quick Summary Feature List


Quickly calls, emails and texts to mass deliver messages to all parents, faculty, staff or any subgroup.


Call speed is user-programmable.


The system uses tier one phone connections, delivering crisp and clear audio.


Unrestricted number of phone numbers and email addresses for each student, faculty and staff member.


Authorized users can submit messages either from the web interface, mobile app or by dialing into a toll-free number.


The system is accessible from all major web browsers and using our mobile app.


The user can choose any combination of voice, email and text messages, social media post, app push notification or website posting and updates.


Includes full online context sensitive help, as well as a PDF quick reference guide.


K-12 communications is BrightArrow’s specialty: the company leverages its vast knowledge of K-12 databases and integration with modern communications technologies and software development techniques. The result is a solution where the database integration is seamless, the feature set is deep, and with an interface that is intuitive to use and accessible to computer users of all levels.


• Unlimited number of users.
• Each user account or list can be assigned a Caller ID.
• Shared lists and groups available to different users.
• Districts can empower individual teachers to use the system.
• Many users can access the same set of lists.
• Define limitations on a user’s usage.
• Provides Single-sign-on (SSO) logins via Google mail and LDAP/AD.


• Distribution lists acquired directly from all major SIS’s using BrightArrow’s automated synchronization mechanisms, automatically broken into sub-groups based on any fields.
• Schedule automatic daily or periodic calls.
• BrightArrow system can import files in Excel, CSV (comma separated values) or tab-delimited format.
• The system can load data via (1) your database’s ODBC connection, (2) Periodic delivery of text or Excel file to a local drive or SFTP site, or (3) API calls to retrieve or send data, or (4) Manual import of Excel spreadsheet or text file.


• A Parent Portal allows update notification numbers and emails, and retrieving prior messages.
• The Parent Portal’s user interface can be customized.
• Parents can login and change how they would like to receive messages.
• View or listen to messages (by telephone or speaker).
• A report is available of changes by parents.
• Parents can opt-in to any number of special predefined groups.
• Survey Features.
• Text and voice based surveys, system automatically generates reports.
• Two-way Communication Portal.


• In addition to the automatically loaded contacts, users can create additional list of contacts outside their SIS by importing.
• System automatically determines field mapping based on content.
• Lists, groups, and sub-groups can also be exported.
• Users can add, remove, or change settings.
• A user can edit an existing list.
• Each contact with unlimited number of phone numbers and emails.
• Choose the From and Subject fields of emails for email notification.
• Program number of retries for undelivered calls and period between.


• Distribution list can be separated into sub-groups. There are no limits.
• Choose a single group/sub-group or multiple groups to message.
• When the master list is updated (via a database sync or edit), linked sub-groups are dynamically updated.
• Check any members of a group to create ad-hoc subset of the group.
• Duplicate phone numbers and emails in lists are removed automatically when the message is sent.
• Sub-groups can be based on a filter query from database.
• Operations can span lists, and multiple lists can be combined into “Superset” lists.
• List protection features are included.


• Transmission reports show details/status for each message attempted.
• Administrators access all reports. Individual users specified reports.
• Phone number, email or name can be searched within reports.
• The actual message (recorded and printed) is available for review.
• Reports are available online for at least one year – longer if requested.
• Dial reports exported as an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF file or printed.
• Reports automatically emailed to administrators.
• Single click checkbox shows invalid or unreachable contacts.

More Information

Education Information
Message Creation & Delivery2023-10-12T20:57:03+00:00
  • The system has the ability to create voice calls, text messages, emails and social media posts from a single page.
  • The system can deliver thousands of simultaneous calls, limited only by the customer’s local phone company.
  • The BrightArrow system scrambles the list to spread the calls among the telephone exchanges to minimize the chance of overloading any particular local carrier’s telephone circuits.
  • Voice mail can be either: (1) pre-recorded from a telephone, (2) spoken from text using text-to-speech, or (3) a multi-part message with a mix of pre-recorded, typed and generated parts.
  • While recording a voice mail, a user can play it back and re-record during that call, and afterwards preview and replace that message. The voice mail may be previewed over the telephone or the computer speaker.
  • Recording can be either done by the system calling your telephone or the user calling a toll-free number.
  • Authorized users can a designate start/end times for sending a voice mail or send the message immediately.
  • The voice mail page includes a notepad, as well as an advanced feature for importing and exporting audio files.
  • When delivering the voice mail, the system displays the caller id of the school or a user-chosen phone number.
  • Voice message recipients can replay the message by pressing the star key
    users can create an html email with a full html editor included for adjusting graphics, links and layout.
  • Emails can include attachments (basic or linked) as well as message values in the from and subject fields.
  • Message library: upon clicking “prior messages,” any previously-created message can be reloaded and previewed.
  • The message can be delivered immediately to all contacts, specific phone numbers (such as the primary home number), or even follow a contingency algorithm that dials the first number and only goes on to the subsequent number for that contact if it cannot deliver a message to the first number.
  • Allows a “no call list,” plus a mechanism for preventing the accidental scheduling of calls late at night.
  • A “cc” feature is available to designate administrator phones/emails to always receive all notifications to a list.

More than ever before, school districts need to provide their teachers and staff with the most effective tools for handling in-classroom crises. BrightArrow’s SafeCast is a feature that you hope to never have to use, but having it in place can be an integral part of your crisis response plan.

SafeCast is an accompanying feature product to the BrightArrow subscription at an additional charge.

Emergency/Anti-Bullying Hotline2021-01-22T17:00:33+00:00
  • Your school or district can have one or more dedicated phone numbers that are specifically for the purpose of two-way emergency notification.
  • The students, parents and staff are told about the dedicated phone number, and whenever anybody calls into or text to that phone number, the voice message or text message is immediately distributed to everybody designated by the school or district as the emergency response team. If anybody on the emergency response team replies to the text or voice message, the originator receives the reply, as well as the other members of the emergency response team.
  • Can be used in a special “panic-button” approach for staff and faculty to be able to report emergency to designated staff/faculty easily and quickly.
Data Security2021-01-22T16:24:10+00:00

All contact and message data is stored on secure SSL servers with access by only three BrightArrow personnel who contractually follow the company’s strict guidelines for data privacy and security.

  • Can read the home language field of the student database to determine a parent’s preferred language.
  • Messages that are typed in English can be automatically translated to and spoken in 20 non-English languages. Text messages and text based emails can be translated into over 100 languages.
  • The pronunciation of the text-to-speech engine for those languages can be validated with a preview function.

Rich set of API calls for messaging features – reach out to BrightArrow to learn more details.

Direct Chat2021-01-22T17:02:36+00:00
  • BrightArrow offers a free two-way direct chat portal that allows parents, students, staff and community members to reach out to the district on a variety of topic categories (of your choosing), to ask questions, make requests, register concerns or make suggestions.
  • Social media sites, such as Facebook, can offer an outlet for such communication, but BrightArrow takes it a step further by offering the two-way communication portal that allows parents to choose and reach out about specific topics in a way that the appropriate staff members receive the requests or questions and are able to address them efficiently and reliably.
  • Direct chat includes a mechanism to auto-remind or escalate questions if the internal recipient does not respond in a timely manner.
  • This is a wonderful feature that opens a line of communications between the community and the school/district.
SIS Integration Details2023-06-07T15:23:42+00:00

BrightArrow supports ALL Student Information System. Below is a list of those for which we provide integration, including automated database updates. Please reach out to us to confirm yours if it’s not on the list below. The use of Student Information System names does not imply endorsement or sponsorship.

Blackbaud EMS
Infinite Campus
Genius SIS for Virtual

Senior Systems
Q (Aequitas Solutions)
Aeries (CA)
JCampus (LA)
MI Data Hub (MI)
Edsembli (Canada)

Accompanying Products

Additional Charges May Apply

Custom Branded Mobile App

Apps available for District individual school customization, branded in school colors and logos. Syncs to your Web Calendar. Web-based Management Tool allows easy posting of news, pictures, and calendar events. Sync to your news feed and add school documents, quick links, school forms and media (pictures and online videos).

BrightChat – Two-way Instant Messaging App

What is BrightChat? BrightArrow’s secure, automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app used by teachers, coaches and administrators to send message to parents, students and staff.

BrightArrow did an excellent job getting us up and running and were extremely flexible in meeting our needs. We have been very pleased. Customer service is top notch!

RaeAnn Fiebing, Communications ManagerTraverse City Area Public Schools

The level of service, support, system features, all exceed my expectations. They are truly a partner to our school district.

Joseph Siam, Former Chief Technology Officer
Fremont Unified School District

The system is easy to navigate which makes us confident about the messages we send. Their software consistently works and runs without any problems. I have no doubt that BrightArrow Technologies would be a valuable asset to your company and I give my highest recommendation.

Penny F. Atchley, Student Services Manager
Kansas City Kansas Public Schools

One thing that BrightArrow offered us was ease of use, right out of the box. It was simple to set up; with a simple user interface, which is key, especially when you are dealing with many users – the simpler the better.

Dave Moon, Technology Coordinator
Sultan School District

Our school district has been extremely pleased with BrightArrow’s exceptional customer service. Even though our district is quite small, BrightArrow has exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond to help our district get set up to email report cards this spring. I cannot thank BrightArrow enough for all their help.

Susan Sprouse, Secretary
Channahon School District 17

Since the initial installation of the BrightArrow notification system, our office is more efficient in getting notifications to our families in a timely and efficient manner. BrightArrow manages their system exceptionally well and is always prepared to proactively identify options and solutions.

Nora J. Tilton , Administrative Assistant
Grantham Village School

I would highly recommend BrightArrow. It is a very effective tool. It has made parent contact extremely convenient. My feedback has all been 100% positive on it. And like I said, the customer service is wonderful. You get speedy service and excellent help.

John Denton, Principal
Hermitage Springs School
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