Benefit from a Feature-Rich Mass Communication Solution that Keeps You Close to Your Community

BrightArrow has continually evolved to meet the growing needs of our customers.  We have applied state-of-the-art technology to ensure the information you send to your constituents arrives where it needs to go, when you need it there.

A review of our extensive list of features will make it easy to see how the BrightArrow Mass Communications Solution is the right tool to solve your varied communications needs.

We love to WOW you with the scope of what you can accomplish compared to other mass notification solutions.

We often hear, “I had no idea we could do that.” after seeing a demonstration of our solution.

We offer stress-free software that replaces manual, error-prone processes with automated delivery to any number of recipients.

Imagine what you can accomplish with intuitive software that empowers you by doing the heavy lifting for you.

We thoughtfully designed our solution to boost efficiency and free you to react quickly to emergencies and day-to-day communications.

Here’s a Sample of What Our Customers Rave About

The Toll-Free Caller ID Number. Recipients have access to instant retrieval of a voice message they missed by calling back the toll-free caller ID used to deliver the call. No human intervention is needed, and it ensures that your telephone lines are available during an emergency.

Unlimited length text messages. Text what you want to say without holding back (not limited to 160 characters). BrightArrow is the only provider that offers unlimited length texts to our customers.  You can also send more complex text messages that can include links to documents, videos, or links to video conferences like Zoom.

Recipients Don’t Need to Remember More Passwords. Take advantage of password-less auto-login options for application access with an email or phone number, so you don’t have to add any additional tasks to your support resources.

Highest Delivery Rate Available in the Market. Our success rate is high for delivering telephone calls, texts, and emails, no matter where they are being delivered, particularly in rural areas. With BrightArrow, voice calls get delivered with clarity, emails don’t get lost in spam filters, and text messages don’t get blocked by carriers.

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