We are More Reliable and Adaptable Because We Developed Our Solution In-House, Powered by Our Deep Industry Experience.

Unlike many providers of mass communications, we grew from the ground up, not through acquisition. The benefit for you is that the same developers who created our communications technology are still on our team, which allows us to be very nimble to adapt to your requirements.

We created our mass communication services solution to empower customers to communicate quickly and effectively. What differentiates us is that our customer’s needs drive our innovation. For instance, we can make data from multiple existing databases readily available to send in your mass communications because of our database integration mastery.

The BrightArrow support specialists are thought-leaders and subject-matter experts on mass communications.   We know how to implement best practices and can guide you to become more efficient and avoid disruptions. If you need to inform a group of people of an impending emergency, you can’t afford to work with providers who lack the depth of experience and may expose you to risk by making costly mistakes. That’s why our management keeps the bar high and insists on hiring the best and most talented resources.

Our knowledge base is extensive, and our solution comes stocked with all the essential features you may need. We’ve likely seen almost anything you might encounter, and we translate that experience and knowledge into features for our communications services. We apply best practices and advise you why something you might be considering may not work well for you. However, we will always offer you the optimal path to efficiency.

BrightArrow Engineers have been here from the start; we wrote our own code, enabling us to quickly identify and resolve issues. When things go wrong with other providers, you get caught in a cycle of finger-pointing, which delays solving your problem.

In addition, you benefit from BrightArrow’s high-level skills with integrations, user interfaces, and underlying infrastructure.

“The district had used BrightArrow before but switched when we went to a new Student Information System. After a year, we went back because of the inferior product. Software is software, but the people make the difference, and these people make a difference in this product.”

Penny Atchley, Student Systems Manager,
Kansas City Kansas Public Schools

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