The safety dilemma that K-12 school districts and communities continue to face have evolved into detailed action plans that specialize in emergency preparedness and are unique to each school’s incident management strategy. 

The key to empowering schools and school districts to keep children safe is to have communication components laid out within a safety plan. When school administrators and educators are equipped with the right communication tools, they are able to reduce safety risks and liabilities.

Seeking the best notification platform to ensure safety.

As a school district, there are many options available for automated mass notifications. When researching the best option for your school district, it is indisputable that your mass messaging system must contain the appropriate tools and features that send messages efficiently and reliably in the event of an emergency.

Time is of the essence during a disruptive incident. Therefore, having a safety feature in place which allows you to anticipate and quickly respond to potential emergency situations with ease and accuracy will empower those to provide a safer place to work and learn.

What should my emergency and safety communications plan contain?

Finding a notification system that provides safety functionality is a necessary component to the success of a school district’s safety communication plan. The main features of a notification system that can contribute to creating safer K-12 schools contain the ability to send emergency, safety, informational notifications and alerts to staff and parents in a timely manner.

A system that contains keywords to alert authorized users of an emergency situation and notify the appropriate personnel can save time and explanation. Many have found that the easiest option given the wide spectrum of technical skills of staff and faculty is to simply allow them to text to a predefined phone number with a keyword, which in turn distributes the emergency information according to the rules you have defined.

Anonymous and emergency tip line features are beneficial because they enable staff, students, parents, and community members to make anonymous reports of safety concerns. Often times if a person suspects a potential threat or possible violent situation, they can be deterred to report in fear of being identified. Anonymous tip lines are effective for preventing dangerous incidents and can better equip personnel to take the appropriate actions to keep everyone safe.

Simplicity minimizes the stress.

Having a mass notification system in place that is simple to use and provides reliability will save time and effort resulting in staff and teachers being able to focus on the actual emergency instead of the communication tool. During an emergency, the last thing that you want is a messaging system that is ponderous and difficult to navigate leading to increased stress levels. Seek a system that is powerful, yet easy to manage, especially during a crisis.

Parents want to feel confident in the safety of their children at school, just as school districts are committed to ensuring safety and security. All schools need to provide support for administrators, staff, and educators by having a systematic emergency and safety plan in place. A mass messaging system can notify and alert efficiently and reliably with the right safety features.

BrightArrow provides powerful and highly reliable emergency notifications and has a safety communication solution already in place within its system called SafeCast. Reach out to BrightArrow to explore and discuss your needs and requirements to apply this safety functionality to your operation.

How does your mass notification system for safety measure up?
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