Why A Comparison Chart?

When I look to purchase a technology solution, or even consider alternatives to what I am using, I am thrilled if I can find a comparison chart. Sadly, with many technology categories, you rarely can find meaningful detailed comparisons between competing products. There are many reasons, and I think some reasons are better than others. The most obvious reason for a vendor to avoid sharing comparisons is that they do not compare well, whether it be with functionality or price. Another reason is that many companies are hoping that the potential buyer doesn’t even discover the competitors.

At BrightArrow, we have a very different perspective: We look at it from the buyer’s point of view. As a buyer, if I can have access to all the information in one place – the full set of features, the pricing, the support options, and the integrations – it can save me a lot of time. If we can save the buyer time, then I cannot imagine why the buyer would not at least take a closer look.

What We Decided To Do.

The trick then becomes presenting the information in a way that is as unbiased and objective as possible. In my opinion, the best way to do that is to be thorough and include a lot of verifiable detail. The simpler and the more general a comparison chart, the less meaningful it becomes because it can no longer point out the differentiators, especially when there are several good options available.

How We Went About It.

We asked a business consultant to conduct months of research and return a report of the different notification and two-way messaging solutions for K-12 education. We asked him to create a very detailed feature list of the various choices, including verified prices and support/services. The objective was to be as unbiased as possible, realizing that the reader will assume some bias. We then would make the commitment, after it is published, to make corrections based on verified feedback of any item that might not be correct.

What Next?

If you are reading this, and you know of any detail that might not be correct in our chart, please let me know. We want this to be a true reflection of how the notification and two-way communication services compare.  Even if you find something that a competitor can do that we cannot do, we will add it to the chart – but we will probably also add it to our product too.

Click: School Messaging System Comparison Chart

I remember the early days in the industry when competing products had comparison analyses. Those days seem to have disappeared, but I am hoping they make a rebound. I would love it if technology companies would take it upon themselves to publish detailed comparisons so those who are looking to buy understand their choices. Please share this chart with others so we can help ensure its accuracy. And, maybe, if we’re lucky, other technology product categories will catch on.

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