A new decade is now underway, and what an exciting time for it to arrive. When we reach calendar milestones as significant as a new decade, it gets me thinking about the big picture – where we've been and where we're going.

How people communicate is going through significant changes, yet the tools and techniques do not always adapt as quickly. Many organizations frequently find themselves needing to review their communication services and methods to make sure they are in tune with how people receive and send information. For us, that's what makes this industry so much fun – we embrace change and take pride in making sure we provide the broadest range of functionality with maximum reliability.

We are the only major mass notification supplier whose original technology innovators remain with the company. Our competitors' solutions have been sold, resold and in many cases resold again. For those of you who understand how complex software systems work, the ability to significantly change the code base written by former employees is at best slow and clumsy, and often impossible. In our case, we have been adding engineers as we grow, but our original designers are here to help navigate through the more complex subsystems. The net result is that we can update and make significant changes at a pace much faster than any of our competitors. In an industry where underlying methods of communication are constantly evolving, this ability to adapt to the changing world quickly is proving to be quite useful.

2019 year was a very eventful year for us. Click below to learn of some changes and the future of BrightArrow's products and services.


From the day I started the company over 22 years ago, our unwavering focus has been to make automated communication to people as streamlined, efficient, reliable and economical as technology will allow. Each year has been more exciting and eventful than the last. We are proud of our ability to grow and adapt our solutions at a pace much faster than competitors, partly because of the talent of our team, but also because of our unique position of having the originating innovators still with the company as key contributors.

Our most important and valued resource, however, is our thousands of customers. On a daily basis we hear requests and suggestions that guide our upcoming features and enhancements. Although we cannot implement every request, when we see patterns emerge, or a great idea that is easy to implement, we are on it.

We love what we do, and we hope you appreciate the changes we make. One thing that is unique about BrightArrow is that we don't spend the kind of money our competitors do into sales and marketing campaigns or buying into pay-to-play partnerships. Instead, we rely upon you to let your colleagues in other organizations know about our solution. Whether you subscribe to a regional or industry chat group, or even have friends or colleagues who might benefit from the BrightArrow solutions, would you mind taking a few minutes to mention BrightArrow to them? The more organizations who use the system, the faster we can adapt and grow our solution to the fast-changing communication needs. Always feel free to reach out to me directly with ideas or suggestions. We stand by to grow our solution to fit your ever-growing and changing needs.

With Bright Regards,

Raymond Bily
Founder and President
BrightArrow Technologies, Inc.


Customer Profile

BrightArrow's success is measured by the success of its customers using the products and services that were created with them in mind. BrightArrow takes pride in catering to the individual needs of those who it serves. By offering a powerful suite of tools for notification purposes, BrightArrow can equip its customers with a robust and feature-rich system that allows them to arrive at a successful outcome in regards to communication. 

Click the button below to read this month's customer profile – an interview with Vallerie Jacocks, Chief Data Management Officer at Camden County Schools in North Carolina. Learn how she and her team utilize the benefits of BrightArrow's products and services to better communicate with their constituents. 


Get To Know BrightArrow's Management Team

BrightArrow's management team combines decades of practice, knowledge and wisdom to create products and services that allow customers to excel in delivering mass notifications effectively.

Our management team's main goal is to provide a mass notification system that is powerful, robust and easy to navigate. Each member is full of enthusiasm and excitement about mass communication and works diligently to provide customers with a system that is efficient and effective.

Take a minute to learn more about each of these BrightArrow contributors. Click the button below to get to know the management team.


Messaging Options

BrightArrow has a robust and wide selection of features that are suitable to any and all mass notification endeavors. Whether you are wanting to connect on a daily basis or periodically, BrightArrow is your solution.

One of the key benefits to using BrightArrow's system is to be able to send a combination of messages, whether it be texts, emails or voice calls, simultaneously. By combining the same message into different forms of connecting, you are sure to reach your constituents at their most convenient way of contact.

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We love to hear feedback from our customers.

BrightArrow creates products and services that benefit our customers with sending out mass notifications.
If you have a suggestion that would be a great idea for better communicating with your constituents,
be sure to pass that information over to our team. We always have our customers in mind and welcome a fresh perspective and any ideas that would suit you well in your communication endeavors. After all, our customers our a direct connection to the process and outcome of our product development.

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BrightArrow Provides Schools With Endless Possibilities To Communicate With Constituents

Whether it's an emergency, weather delay, or an informational message from a teacher to help parents be more engaged with the child's education, BrightArrow delivers all the functionality you need, and then some. With an intuitive interface, the system has all the power, reliability and security you demand and has been designed from the start to be adaptable to how your school or district operates.

BrightArrow provides a powerful set of communication tools or methods that allow you to send mass notifications with ease and effectively communicate with your constituents. Here's a glimpse at just a couple of the features that you can use when you apply BrightArrow's platform to your communicational needs:

BrightArrow's Breadth of Notification Options
BrightArrow gives you lots of choices. They offer you the ability to send voice calls, text messages, emails, social media posts and push notifications. With BrightArrow, you get the convenience of being able to create and launch these messages with the click of a button and all from one page. Communicate more, work less. To learn more about all of BrightArrow's products and features, visit

Unlimited Length Text Messages
BrightArrow is thrilled to provide their customers with an exclusive feature: Unlimited length text messages. With other systems you are often forced to fit your text message into only 160 characters. With BrightArrow's unlimited length texting feature, you are able to get your message across to your parents and students without eliminating important details. For more information on this exclusive feature, contact

BrightArrow has delivered powerful and highly reliable notification solutions to thousands of the most demanding educational institutions since 2001. The support and customization options you can receive with them is unmatched in the industry. Experience the ultimate power and flexibility of mass communication by using BrightArrow's system. For more information and to set up a free online demonstration of products and services, connect with or visit
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