NEW FEATURE — Benefits of Texting Using Short Code 87569 (applies to U.S. customers only)

Many of you may be aware that recently the FCC has given the wireless phone carriers the ability to block text messages without much oversight. BrightArrow has found that the wireless carriers have recently been targeting long code texts (texts which originate from 10-digit phone numbers).
In the past few weeks, we have observed this trend to arbitrarily blocklong code texts has even more recently been accelerating, so we stress the urgency of making the below change if you haven't already.

BrightArrow has concluded that the only practical way to continue sending texts reliably is to use what is called short code texts – text messages that originate from a convenient 5-digit or 6-digit number instead of a 10-digit phone number.

As many of you may be aware, BrightArrow has responded by offering short code texting from the originating number 87569. A short code number is much less likely to be blocked because we have signed a contract with the major carriers promising that the texts will not be SPAM and that all recipients have opted in to receive these texts. Fortunately, we have provided an approach that will benefit all our customers and allow them to send text messages dependably.

Why move to short code using the 87569-texting number?

  • Due to the FCC removing SPAM-blocking restrictions recently, short code is the only practical way to have a reliable delivery of text messages. This eliminates the chance that the message can directly land to spam box instead of your constituent's inbox directly.
  • A short code number is unlikely to be blocked, allowing you to communicate critical and time sensitive information without barriers.
  • Better recognition: a short code can be as recognizable to your constituents as a website address. Plus, it's easy-to-use and easy-to-remember, making it simple for recipients to immediately recognize that the text came from you.
  • We implemented unlimited length text functionality by providing a link at the end of texts that exceed 160 characters. Carriers started blocking that feature when delivered using long code, but it works fine onshort code. Therefore, you can send unlimited length text messages reliably.
  • With long code texts, we had to append "junk" characters at the end of texts to minimize their being rejected as SPAM. We do not do that with short code texts.
  • Everyone receives the text from the same phone number, making it much easier to identify where the text is coming from.
  • With a high throughput rate, messages sent through short code can be used for alert notifications, weather announcements, traffic updates and other security notifications, concisely and precisely.
  • Having a dedicated short code allows you to have complete control over what is sent and will give you a higher degree of privacy and security.
  • Furthermore, since phone carriers vet and approve all short codes for their intended use, they are not subject to carrier filtering.

In order to ensure reliable delivery of text messages, you should proceed right away by switching over to short code. Anybody who has not switched over to short code by October 1, 2019, will be switched over automatically so that we can continue to ensure the reliability of our texting feature. We highly suggest you make the change immediately, however, instead of waiting until October 1st. Our goal is always to enable you to send messages fast and reliably. When things change, like how wireless carriers operate, we are here to adjust accordingly and promptly. We believe you will find the new approach for texting to be a very positive enhancement and the benefits of short code will allow you to communicate with your constituents effectively.

Please contact requesting a change to short code and specify when you would like us to turn it on (so that it corresponds to when you announce it to your constituents). Our technicians are happy to help you switch to short code, so you can take advantage of the benefits that it allows.

Customer Profile

BrightArrow's success is measured by the success of its customers using the products and services that were created with them in mind. BrightArrow takes pride in catering to the individual needs of those who it serves. By offering a powerful suite of tools for notification purposes, BrightArrow can equip its customers with a robust and feature-rich system that allows them to arrive at a successful outcome in regards to communication.

Click the button below to read this month's customer profile – an interview with Scott Bestvater, Business & Student Information Services Manager at Hanover School Division. Learn how he and his team utilize the benefits of BrightArrow's products and services to better communicate with their constituents.

Back to School Means
Back to Routine

It's that time of year again when schools are back in session, which means the lines of communication need to be open and running smoothly. With a click of a button, schools need to be able to notify and update their constituents in a timely fashion. Whether that means to send weather alerts, traffic updates, school closings, report cards or other school information notifications.

BrightArrow's main objective is to equip schools with the necessary tools to communicate information precisely and with ease. Click below to recap some of the updates that BrightArrow has recently made to be able to send emails, texts, voice calls, social media posts and push notifications hassle-free.

Keep-You-On-Task Feature

With the start of the new school year, announcements and notifications become a big part of your everyday tasks. Often times, once these messages are delivered, you may find yourself bogged down with return calls to your school office inquiring about information pertaining to the notifications. This can take you away from the other tasks that you have to complete because of the time spent on answering these phone calls. Many times, your constituents see a missed phone call from your school office number and instead of listening to the message, they call back the number that dialed them.

BrightArrow has a solution with their 855 feature that allows parents to dial back and hear a replay of the original message you sent. This frees up your school office phone and your time. Click below to read more about this feature.

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Have you been using our new LIST VIEW?

Earlier this summer we introduced our updated and sleek new List View which allows our customers to create and manage lists in an organized manner that is easy to navigate.
Below are some of the advantages to using the new List View:

  • The new page is contemporary, accessible, intuitive and streamlined.
  • The new page makes full use of your current browser window.
  • All lists are organized into folders that can be opened or closed, and the order of the folders are customizable.
  • Users at the district level automatically have school and individual user lists in their own separate folders.
  • All users can have any number of special customized folders that contain only the lists they want to put into their private folders. These same lists can reside simultaneously in other folders to provide the maximum flexibility of organization.
  • Using click-and-drag, lists and folders can be moved around however you like. These adjustments are specific to the user so one user does not "break" the view of other users.
  • The interface is very fast as it does not need to spend time drawing and updating lists that are in closed folders.
  • Searching features in the new List View allows you to type keywords, search by dates or active pending or sending status.

The new List View is a very practical way to manage hundreds or thousands of lists so that you can quickly and easily choose those lists you need for your next message. Be sure to check out BrightArrow's List View and take advantage of creating messages using the updated version that we created with our customers in mind.

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