Do you have the convenience of managing your mass notifications by using only one tool, or platform, to send messages out to your constituents? Are you seeking a more unified and integrated environment to send messages?

When seeking a mass notification system, you should search for one that empowers school administrators and leaders to operate a leap beyond the rest by providing mass messaging solutions that are completely embedded within a student information system. Schools and districts are able to manage all interactions by crafting unique notifications within one unified platform, while maximizing constituent engagement and communication to the next level.

There is a luxury in consolidating your operating platforms into just one system. The time it takes to operate a notification system by switching from one platform to another can make the task of sending out notifications that more cumbersome and inefficient.

Schools and districts utilize mass notification systems to deliver mass messaging for operational announcements, event notifications, attendance calls, fundraising, report card emails, alerts, school closings, severe weather updates, emergencies and various other messages. The ease of sending these types of notifications from one single platform saves you time and allows you to manage everything all in one place.

Search for a mass notification system that strives to provide schools with these solutions that make communication easier:

  • Improve parent engagement for learning – instantly burst out automated voice calls, texts, emails, push notifications and two-way instant messages.
  • Enhance child safety – emergency alerts to mitigate school violence.
  • Reduce workload of teachers and administrators – embedded into school information system.
  • Painless to deploy – switchover is fast, easy, and free for schools.
  • Consolidates disparate solutions – spans categories of school-to-parent communications.
  • The secret sauce is an unprecedented adaptability to each school’s special needs.

Finding a mass notification system that is completely embedded within your school information system user interface, such as PowerSchool, will eliminate the hassle of switching between platforms to do the work that can be done with a few clicks within one system.

You should be able to operate all the features and functions on one platform. Performing the actions within one student information system saves you time, rather than switching between systems.

Most importantly, seek a mass notification system that provides a seamless switchover. Bottom line, when on the search for a mass notification system, your number one priority is finding a solution that will eliminate the extra time and work that can be piled on your day-to-day operations.

How does your mass notification system measure up?
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