Responsive and Effective Technical Support Is the Key to Your Success

Mass notification systems are the backbone of a school’s communications and parental engagement platform. When they work well, it is a game changer! Whether you are managing a crisis, getting your parents more involved in their children’s education or providing helpful information to make your school days run smoothly, having a reliable and efficient mass notification solution is the key to success.

If your notification system is not working well because some aspect of the system is not providing the performance you need, then you are unknowingly burdening your staff to make up for the system’s shortcomings. All of this represents a lack of efficiency and added cost to your school or district.

What happens when software automation suddenly stops working or does not perform the way you intended? This is when you need to speak to technical support, someone who knows your account and does not make you jump through a ton of hoops in order to be connected to a human voice over the phone, or within an email.

No matter how solid of a notification service you use, there will always come a time when you will need to interact with the service and support organization from that company. Whether it is to retrieve a forgotten password or to have the provider make a tweak to the services. All good notification service providers will offer a minimum of telephone support. Great vendors will offer telephone and email support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for NO additional cost.

The differentiation between good and great goes beyond the contact type and the hours of available service. How fast do your problems get resolved? How professional and competent are the people answering your questions and solving your problems? The key differentiator is having a responsive customer support team who goes above and beyond to provide unparalleled and efficient guidance and support.

We have all heard the stories about customers working with past vendors who took weeks to respond to a routine question. That is unacceptable. When you run a company that is providing emergency notification services, it is reasonable to expect that you will operate with a sense of urgency. Whether you are dealing with sales and marketing, or support and service organizations, your questions should be responded to thoughtfully, completely and professionally. Anything less is not tolerated.

Great support organizations in the mass notification industry will work closely with clients from the beginning, providing implementation services which includes setting up integration with the chosen SIS, and other databases, setting up users, setting up initial sync’d lists and much more.

After successful installation and integration, a dedicated mass notification provider will continue to provide training, ongoing support, enthusiasm and passion for your notification and message delivery success.

The definition of responsive and effective technical support is having a provider stand by your side as a partner who aims to help you achieve optimal results, continuously, for your mass communication efforts.

Bottom line is that organizations need to keep everyone connected in an efficient and reliable way. Having a mass notification system in place that provides around-the-clock support while taking the time to fully understand your needs and requests, and then generates a response and solution in a timely manner, is what will keep you up and running so you can get back to doing the work that you do best.

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