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Brightarrow is revolutionizing the way organizations automatically deliver messages simultaneously to large groups of people. It delivers voice messages, emails, text messages, social media posts and push notifications seamlessly in a single action, at an unprecedented price.

Schools and districts can share a wealth of information with their communities using BrightArrow. Its automated notification service is designed for emergency notifications, attendance calls, two-way messages, informational communications and a variety of other school-related alerts and messages. Public school districts, charter schools, and private school systems alike prefer and love BrightArrow!

As a school or school district, you have many options for a communication platform that sends alerts to parents, students, and staff. Below is a glimpse at a comparison chart, click the button or image to view the entire chart and learn how your current notification system stacks up to BrightArrow.

2023 School Parent Notification System Comparison Chart

BrightArrow + MBA
are better together!

Did you know that BrightArrow provides the software service to use MBA’s report creator and fees? Both organizations deliver a couple of integrated solutions that compliment one another in which districts tremendously benefit and heavily utilize these services.

There is so much more that BrightArrow offers beyond report creator and fees. The broad scope of what you can accomplish goes beyond expectations by implementing unique benefits and features that are often not in many of the other mainstream choices.

K-12 communications is BrightArrow’s specialty: the company leverages its vast knowledge of K-12 databases and integration with modern communications technologies and software development techniques. The result is a solution where the database integration is seamless, the feature set is deep, and with an interface that is intuitive to use and accessible to computer users of all levels.

Check out what your organization can accomplish when you upgrade from BrightArrow’s Email Only version to the full feature-rich version.

BrightArrow Integrates With PowerSchool

BrightArrow provides the industry’s most feature-rich messaging system as a seamless integration into PowerSchool. This integration is broader than other notification solutions, allowing schools to use BrightArrow’s system to send voice, text and email messages, created and launched from within PowerSchool. Below are some benefits of using BrightArrow within your PowerSchool pages.


Seamless and Real-time Integration with PowerSchool
Unlimited Voice Calls, Emails, Text Messages, Social Media Posts, Website Posts and App Push Notifications
Unlimited Authorized Users
Unlimited Length Text messages (w/the use of a link – US Only)
Two-Way Texting (available for an additional fee)
Call Back Management System
Attendance and Low-Lunch Balance Notification
100 Languages for Text Translations and 20 Languages for Text to Speech Audio
iPhone/iPad and Android Apps for Creating and Sending Messages
Support for PowerSchool Contacts 
Integration with PowerTeacher and PowerTeacher Pro Grade Book
Integration with PowerSchool Parent Portal
Email PowerSchool Reports (report cards, MBA reports)
Post Report Cards in the Parent Portal
Anti-bullying Hotline
Parent Portal for Individual Access to Opt-in/Opt-out, Editing of Contact Info, and Reviewing Prior Messages
No Training or Setup Fees, 24x7x365 Technical Support
Fully Compliant with FCC TCPA 1991
***BrightArrow is not affiliated with PowerSchool. Use of their name does not imply endorsement or sponsorship.

Why is texting a keyword a more reliable approach over an app?

  • Security: With texting the phone’s Caller ID determines the validity of the sender. No login information that has to be remembered and can be hacked by trouble-causing students.
  • The Easiest Technology: Apps are wonderful, but they require installation, updating, and enough phone memory and resources to run reliably. Everybody can text.
  • Connection Reliability: If the emergency occurs in a location that has poor wireless or WIFI connections, texts tend to be more reliable than apps because they need minimal connectivity to send.
  • Basically, It’s Using #Hashtags: A popular communication technique is #Hashtags. Compared to learning to navigate an app interface, texting with hashtags is easy. And if you forget the hashtag keyword, it will text back the choices.
  • Simplicity Minimizes the Stress: If your app is not running right, or other apps have used up your phone’s memory, or you forget your login, or a bad connection, or, or… the increased stress level can lead to mistakes. The simplicity of texting a keyword lets you focus on the actual emergency instead of the communication tool.

Learn About BrightChat 

Want to add two-way communications? BrightChat is a mobile and web-based feature which facilitates two-way communications between teachers, coaches and administrators with parents and/or students.

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