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List Management in BrightArrow

The more you use your BrightArrow system, the more you have many lists to organize and manage.

Up to now, you have been using a My Lists page containing a “list of lists” that was quite simple in concept. They are organized alphabetically and the way you hide some of the lists to keep from being too intimidating is to use the Choose Users To View menu. After years of usage, however, many BrightArrow sites have hundreds, or thousands, of lists that they work with. We have been working diligently to provide you mechanisms to make it more efficient to work with these large numbers of list.

BrightArrow's New List View

We are nearing completion on a new List View that encompasses the following characteristics:

  • The new page is contemporary, accessible, intuitive, streamlined and makes full use of your current browser window.
  • All lists are organized into folders that can be opened or closed, and the order of the folders is customizable.
  • Users at the district level automatically have school and individual user lists in their own separate folders.
  • All users can have any number of special customized folders that contain only the lists they want to put into their private folders. These same lists can reside simultaneously in other folders to provide the maximum flexibility of organization.
  • Using click-and-drag, lists and folders can be moved around however you like. These adjustments are specific to the user so one user does not “break” the view of other users.
  • The interface is very fast as it does not need to spend time drawing and updating lists that are in close folders.

Searching in the new List View:
Extensive searching features have been added to allow narrowing down lists using a variety of criteria:

  • You can type in keywords and it will display lists that have those keywords in the names.
  • You can start typing in user or group user names to open folders only for those users.
  • If you want to search lists by dates, such as the last date a message was sent or created, or the list was updated, that search option is included.
  • You also can search by active status (pending, sending) and it will show only list that are active in these ways.

In summary, we think you will find this new List View a very practical way to manage hundreds or thousands of lists so that you can quickly and easily choose those lists you need for your next message.

Beta Testers Wanted: We are seeking beta testers to start using the new List View and make sure we’ve accomplished all of our objectives, including flexibility, power, accessibility, speed and usability. This will be a fairly short beta-test as the feature is near completion, but it is your opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions with our new interface. If you are interested, please request to be a beta-tester of
List View to

Interns Develop BrightArrow's New Mobile App

At BrightArrow, our development team is always developing new features that add functionality and value to your BrightArrow notification platform. Currently, BrightArrow has two new apps in development by its intern team, who have an inherent understanding of what it takes to make the mobile apps useful and intuitive. This article talks about the first two releases that the interns are working on for both Apple and Android devices. Learn more about this exciting development by clicking the button below.


June 2019
Customer Profile

BrightArrow’s success is measured by the success of its customers using the products and services that were created with them in mind. BrightArrow takes pride in catering to the individual needs of those who it serves. By offering a powerful suite of tools for notification purposes, BrightArrow can equip its customers with a robust and feature-rich system that allows them to arrive at a successful outcome in regard to communication.

Click the button below to view this month's customer profile - an interview with John Dunleavy, Data Specialist with River Trails School District 26 in Mount Prospect, Illinois. 


HTML Email
Attachments and Images

The BrightArrow notification system allows you to create and send emails that contain graphics, links, attachments and advanced formatting. In this article we will discuss two areas to show some examples of the many options you have in creating attractive emails using the HTML format.

This just scratches the surface of the types of things you can do with enhancing your HTML emails, and hopefully a good start toward sending out more enticing and graphically rich emails.




Creating Email Templates

Text emails are fine but most of us are used to seeing nice looking visuals in our emails from different organizations. With HTML emails you can make your outgoing email look as visually pleasing as you’d like. Most of us don’t have time to spend creating this visual look each and every time we send a message. Therefore, email templates can reduce the amount of time it takes to create a message.

Click the button below to learn how to create email templates in order to save you time when sending out notifications.




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