It is evident that we are living in a digital world. 

Most people are connected and paired to some sort of informational technology, for better or worse.

Often times schools, nonprofits, and other organizations struggle with how to reach their constituents in a timely manner to notify them of a current fundraiser right before the event while keeping pledges consistent up to a deadline. Operating a fundraiser or special event often means relying on the support of donors to serve your community while juggling operational responsibilities.

Promoting your fundraising, or recruitment event, perhaps for a charter school, is one of the most important aspects of gaining recognition. If you do not promote your event, then how will anyone hear about it? And if no one knows about it, how will you receive pledges or candidates? Your focus is to avoid empty donation boxes and empty seats.

How do you reach a mass amount of people often and with little to do work? The answer is mass notification systems!

Having a notification solution in place can lessen the burden of work by sending mass notifications that will intrigue, inspire and motivate your constituents, so you can get back to the main objective of telling your story.

This is where having a reliable and efficient mass messaging system provides you an instant solution to your fundraising efforts and will allow you to be effective in reaching the masses with a click of a button.

With the implementation of technology, mass notification systems are capable of providing the tools that will allow you to keep your fundraising efforts at the forefront of your audience’s mind, with little effort or time.

Things to look for when seeking a mass notification solution for fundraising:

  • Does the system send instant emails, text messages, voice calls, social media posts, and push notifications?
  • Does the system send promotional notifications of your event, or detailed updates using feature-rich products?
  • Does the system help raise brand awareness by building and customizing your very own fundraising website or App?
  • Does the system implement and schedule automated phone calls, text messages, or emails to remind sponsors about upcoming events, donation reminders, or information regarding the fundraiser?

Mass notification systems that can provide all of the above have been proven to engage constituents, increase attendance at events, keep them informed with updates, and improve the chances of becoming recurring donors for nonprofits and other fundraising opportunities.

Keep in mind, you do not have to redesign what you are currently doing, except you will easily be able to send strategically timed phone calls, texts, emails, and other means of communication to instantly connect with a mass number of donors and supporters simultaneously.

BrightArrow Technologies has been delivering a full featured notification platform for over 20 years. We offer all of what is described here for a fair price. To learn more about how BrightArrow can satisfy your fundraising requirements, visit our website at

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