BrightArrow’s Mass Notification Solution Designed for Schools

Click the video above to learn how schools implement BrightArrow’s Mass Notification Solution.

What enticed you to try BrightArrow?

“The district had used BrightArrow before, but switched when we went to a new Student Information System. After a year, we went back because of the inferior product.”

                        -Penny Atchley, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools

Providing state-of-the-art notification technology for over 20 years, BrightArrow delivers the most feature-rich and flexible mass notification solution on the market and has been designed from the start to be adaptable to how K-12 schools operate.

Still owned and operated by the same visionaries that founded the company, BrightArrow continues to innovate and satisfy the needs of school districts across North America.

BrightArrow’s philosophy is to have the solution adapt to the needs of your school district, not force you to alter or change standard operating procedures to make up for feature deficits.  

This robust staff and parent notification solution is loaded with features that deliver voice calls, text messages, emails, social media posts, and push notifications seamlessly in a single action.

Many of the leading notification services offer extensive feature sets. BrightArrow provides virtually all the functionality available in the other systems, but also delivers unique benefits and features that are often not in many of the other mainstream choices.

See below to learn about some of these unique advantages. 

  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Voice, Text, Email, Social Media Posts and Push Notifications
  • Web and Mobile App Interface
  • Automated Attendance Calls
  • Unlimited Length Text Messages
  • Social Media Posts to Facebook/Twitter
  • Language Translation
  • Hearing Impaired Messages
  • Maximum Phone Numbers per Student/Staff
  • Email Report Cards and Other Attachments
  • Anti-Bullying Tip Line
  • Texting Survey Feature
  • Toll-Free Caller ID
  • Parent Portal Using SSO
  • Provides Password-Free Secure Logins
  • Seamless Database Synchronization
  • Two-Way Direct Chat Portal
  • Teacher/Staff “Panic Button”
  • Custom Branded Mobile App 
  • Integrated Hosted School/District Website
  • Preconfigured Lists/Messages
  • Importing Lists/Intelligent Importing
  • Fully FCC Compliant, Including Easy Opt-Out
  • Emergency vs. Informational Alerts
  • Geographically Dispersed Data Centers
  • Dialing Speeds Up To 3,000 Calls Per Minute
  • Real-Time Integration with Major Student Information Systems
  • Original Founders and Visionaries
  • 99.99% Reliability With 24x7x365 Support
  • Free Setup and Webinar Training
What is BrightChat? BrightArrow’s secure, automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app used by teachers, coaches and administrators to send messages to parents, students and staff. Click the video below to learn more about this robust teacher/parent two-way communication app.
BrightArrow provides a robust and feature-rich solution for your mass notification and messaging needs. Learn how you can connect and communicate with the click of a button using a system that is easy and reliable. Whether you are looking to send text messages, emails, phone calls, social media posts or any other informational notifications, BrightArrow is your connection for extending your reach and making an impact.

What would you tell your colleagues about BrightArrow?

“The price is awesome! The staff is knowledgeable, and the support hours are unbeatable. There is a lot of flexibility of the product compared to other systems.”

                                                                -Dorrell Spence, Lewiston Public Schools

Below you will find instructional videos that will teach you how to operate BrightArrow’s mass notification system. 

Purpose of BrightArrow’s mass notification system.

Learn how to navigate BrightArrow’s system.

Learn how to import contacts with BrightArrow.

Learn how to create HTML emails with BrightArrow.

Learn about voice call options with BrightArrow.

BrightArrow’s BrightChat Demonstration

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