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BrightArrow History & Management Team

Company Profile

BrightArrow Technologies, founded in 1997, in Bellevue, Washington, is funded and owned by its management team. The original development team is still the driving force behind the company, which is beneficial with updates happening at an accelerated pace. BrightArrow’s primary focus is automated notification for its fast-growing school district customer base.

Raymond Bily, Founder and CEO graduated from MIT in 1982 in Computer Engineering. At MIT, his thesis was the world’s first microcomputer-based relational database management system. He was one of the early Microsoft employees as an engineer and product manager from 1982 to 1986 and was Founder and CEO of Midisoft from 1986 to 1996, a company he brought to the #1 position in music/audio software and took public in 1993.

In 1997, Mr. Bily started BrightArrow by assembling a team of 10 engineers to develop an underlying core of voice technology that has led to the delivery of many voice-oriented solutions. During the first 10 years of the company, these solutions were bundled with major IP-PBX manufacturers as broadly-functional voice telecommunication applications.

In 2003, BrightArrow developed, for 3Com, a product called Education Module, which used its core technologies to deliver as part of the 3Com IP-PBX the following features: Parent auto-dialing, 911 notifications, malicious call trace, on-demand call recording, homework hotline, intercom, school bells and a speech recognition auto-attendant. This BrightArrow-developed solution was sold to school districts of various sizes as its most utilized feature set.

In 2008, BrightArrow introduced its hosted, web-based mass notification system.  The company rapidly expanded its customer base by integrating with the most sought-after Student Information Systems (SIS’s), including Blackbaud, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus and Skyward.

In 2011, BrightArrow introduced its PowerSchool integration at the first annual National PSUG event. The BrightArrow functionality is embedded into PowerSchool’s Admin pages, PowerTeacher/PowerTeacher Pro, and the Parent Portal. BrightArrow also integrated with Blackbaud, providing the only alert system using a direct API real-time connection.  BrightArrow now integrates with over 100 data sources, including additional SIS’s, Human Resources, Transportation and Meal Service databases.

BrightArrow integrates with school databases, but also provides integration for any organization that needs fast, easy, reliable mass notification.

After introducing its voice notification functionality, BrightArrow added text messages, emails, social media posts and App Push notifications. BrightArrow continues to expand on its feature set by adding features unique to BrightArrow, guided by the insights the company gains by working closely with our customers. The results are features that benefit all schools. Such features consist of Admin Apps, as well as Branded Apps and websites added to student systems.

Throughout the years, BrightArrow has grown into a high-demand mass notification company and has built a reputation for being a partner to its customers. From 2015 to 2019, while most of the other notification systems providers were acquired by other companies, some numerous times, BrightArrow stands alone by being a company that to this day still has the original developers who own the code base and can easily adapt to customer needs, while the others, now so far from the original developers, cannot.


Meet a few of Brightarrow’s Management team members


Raymond Bily

What do you like best about BrightArrow?
“Great colleagues, wonderful customers, exciting products and making a difference!”

Director of Technology Services

Tracy Knapp

What are you looking forward to with the future of BrightArrow?
“To further increase communications.”

Principal Software Engineer

Thai-Hoa Nguyen

What is your favorite BrightArrow feature or service?

Director of Sales

Joe Squillacioti

Favorite quote?
“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Director of Administration

Margaret Bily

What are the values that drive you?
“Dedication, hard work and honesty.”

Director of Marketing

Tiffany Grover

What do you like best about working for BrightArrow?
“Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to making a difference.”

Senior Software Engineer

Jason Treadwell

What experiences make you happy at work?
“Making someone’s life a little easier. Giving someone an answer that was even more than they expected.”

Director of Customer Support

Eric Sanders

What experiences make you happy at work?
“I get the greatest joy helping customers, either fixing a problem, or finding a way to meet a new request that they may have.”