Updates for your BrightArrow Notification System


BrightArrow is always looking at ways to deliver effective solutions and improve the way you communicate. The goal is to maximize an organization’s ability and flexibility to communicate with their constituents. Therefore, we have updated the system in several important ways and would like to elaborate on the changes that have just been made. As always, BrightArrow continuously seeks to improve the tools you use to communicate more effectively. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions pertaining to the new features that we have enabled for you.

    One of the bigger challenges of mass notification is that notification systems limit your text message length, typically to 160 characters. BrightArrow is thrilled to be able to provide our users with a new approach to text messages which gives you an unlimited number of characters.

    The idea is that if your text message is under 160 characters, it just sends it like it always has. If your text message is over 160 characters, it will show most of the first 160 characters but also displays a link to press to see the whole message. With the prior version, you would have to reduce your message to 160 characters, but this new version allows you to have unlimited message length. BrightArrow has implemented this new feature for all users to expand their text messages.

    We introduced this feature this past Spring on an optional basis, but now have enabled it for all customers.

    We have created a new List View that is modern, streamlined and allows users to easily find and send messages without the hassle of a long list to sort through and manage. Some of the benefits of this new view is that all lists are organized into folders and the order of the folders, and within the folders, is customizable. You can click and drag to re-arrange your lists and can drag them into your Favorites folders for easy accessibility. We have added an extensive search capability, so you are able to find specific lists by narrowing them down with a variety of search criteria.

    We hope that you will find this new List View a very practical way to manage hundreds or thousands of lists so you can easily and quickly choose those lists you need for your next message. Take a look below at the new look of List View:

    So that you can try out this new List View immediately, we have added a menu to choose the new List View or revert back to the old List View. Below are the menus to choose from.

    When in legacy List View:

    When in new List View wanting to revert back to legacy view:

    Note: Most of you have been using this feature a year or longer, so this section does not apply to you in that case – read this if you are one of our long-term customers who is still using our legacy Create Message Page.

    BrightArrow’s expanded Create Message Page is easier to navigate and organize your outgoing messages. We introduced this feature last year and we believe this updated version benefits and simplifies the way you create messages for your mass communications.

    One of the biggest advantages of moving over to the expanded Create Message Page are that most of the information related to the message is displayed on a single page, so you simply need to scroll up and down to create, review and send your message. Also, keep in mind that different content for text messages, emails and voice calls can still all be created on the same page. Below is a glance at the new Expanded Create Message Page:

    We have now enabled this page for all customers. If you want to revert back to the legacy Create Message Page, you can do so by unchecking the “Always use the expanded window” checkbox in the top right of the page.