BrightArrow’s New User Interface

BrightArrow aims to provide a simple and efficient user interface for its customers, and now the updated and new modern look allows users to easily navigate, organize and interact with an attractive and responsive system. One example of this upgrade is a back arrow that was added to every page of the interface, allowing easier navigation to bring the user back to the main My Lists page. Learn more below about the advantages of switching to BrightArrow’s new user interface and get acquainted with the polished look and feel of the system.

BrightArrow Training: BrightArrow “New Look Interface” Training for PowerSchool Users

In this training we will show you how to use BrightArrow’s new user interface within PowerSchool to send out mass notifications, cover the basics of the system, show you the recommended approach for weather announcements and answer any questions you may have. Keep in mind that the new user interface will not be turned on until the user chooses to do so from the Select an Action menu within the system.

Click an image below to view a close up sample of the user interface pages.

Please note: if you are using the interface within PowerSchool, these are the pages that you will see within your PowerSchool pages.

Advantages of New User Interface:

  • The new user interface is contemporary, accessible, intuitive, streamlined and makes full use of your current browser window.
  • The modern look and ease-of-use now allows you to create and manage your lists in an organized manner that is easy to navigate.

BrightArrow’s new List View page encompasses the following characteristics:

  • The new List View page is streamlined and makes full use of your current browser window.
  • All lists are organized into folders that can be opened or closed, and the order of the folders is customizable.
  • Users at the district level automatically have school and individual user lists in their own separate folders.
  • The interface is very fast as it does not need to spend time drawing and updating lists that are in close folders.
  • All users can have any number of special customized folders that contain only the lists they want to put into their private folders. These same lists can reside simultaneously in other folders to provide the maximum flexibility of organization.
  • Using click-and-drag, lists and folders can be moved around however you like. These adjustments are specific to the user so one user does not “break” the view of other users.

Extensive searching features in the new List View page allow narrowing down lists using a variety of criteria:

  • You can type in keywords and it will display lists that have those keywords in the names.
  • You can start typing in user or group user names to open folders only for those users.
  • If you want to search lists by dates, such as the last date a message was sent or created, or the list was updated, that search option is included.
  • You also can search by active status (pending, sending) and it will show only list that are active in these ways.

Are you familiar with BrightChat?

What is BrightChat? BrightArrow’s secure, automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app used by teachers, coaches and administrators to send messages to parents, students and staff. BrightChat provides a fast, easy and flexible way to send messages, allowing the recipient to respond to the group or privately to the sender by using the app. It allows you to type, record audio, attach documents, and even share photos and videos seamlessly. Click the video below to learn more about this robust teacher/parent two-way communication app.

If somebody within your school or district would like to learn more about BrightArrow’s new BrightChat two-way instant messaging app, pass on the information or click the button below.