BrightArrow’s DirectChat

Here is a glimpse at the capabilities you have when using BrightArrow’s DirectChat. The example images below have a description of how DirectChat works.


Above is a sample of a website set up for a BrightArrow client. DirectChat is a piece of our overall notification solution. As a BrightArrow notification client, we will provide the services to add your particular topics to the website. You provide us with the topics and who is responsible for responding to the incoming requests and we will build your site and all of the back-end processing.


When a specific topic is selected, the community member is brought to an online form to fill out. This is where the community members ask their questions, make their suggestions, concerns or compliments. They can identify who they are or remain anonymous.

When submitted, the question is routed to the appropriate person and a timer is set. The respondent has 24 hours to respond to the community member’s request. If 24 hours lapse, a reminder is sent to the respondent so that they are reminded to respond to the community member. The respondent’s manager is also notified that the question has not been responded to and the manager can also serve as an additional reminder.


When the school employee responds, the image above is the form that they use. The community member receives an email from the school with the school employee’s direct email address not revealed. The communication thread is continued via email until the topic/question/concern/complaint is resolved. All communication is tracked by BrightArrow and is available to the school. 


If you have any questions or would like to view a live demo of BrightArrow’s products and features, please contact: