Customer Support Engineer


BrightArrow is seeking an additional customer support engineer who is technically talented and communicates well with customers to answer questions and fulfill requests. Much of the work relates to helping school administrators integrate with their school or district’s SIS and teaching them how to use our notification system. Although we are Seattle-based, we are open to this person working out of their home elsewhere in the U.S.

BrightArrow Job Description:  Customer Support Engineer (full-time)


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Great problem-solving ability.
  • Good at answering questions; patient with customers.
  • Strong at multi-tasking and prioritizing numerous tasks.
  • Solid SQL acuity for analyzing data and writing SQL queries.
  • Can work from home.
  • Degree, at least BA/BS.
  • Experience with at least one K-12 SIS (preferred, but not required).
  • Bonus: HTML/JavaScript, IT/server maintenance experience.

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If you know of anybody who might be interested, please ask them to reach out to rbily [-at-]