BrightArrow’s Coronavirus Communication Recommendations


March 18, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

BrightArrow would like to thank you for following our recommendations for using our system conservatively during these unprecedented times of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the related cancellation messages. We have been monitoring the delivery of messages and notifications closely and we are still occasionally having small email delays in the late afternoon and evening. We have had no delays in texts and phone calls. We are actively increasing and expanding capacity in order to get messages out in a timely manner.

BrightArrow still suggests that you follow these guidelines as you send out your notifications:

  • Some schools and districts are still sending repetitive messages to parents, daily. We have found that if parents receive multiple messages repeating the same thing, for example, reminding them that lunches will be provided, then they tend to miss subsequent important messages by not reading them. Try to be conservative when sending messages for it to not be counterproductive on your end goals.
  • For emails and texts, group multiple messages into one (don’t send three messages when you can send one).
  • Don’t use text messages just to let people know there is an email for them to review. Just send the email.
  • Use your website for relaying information and use email as your primary way to point people to your website for information.
  • If you are planning a series of phone calls or texts/emails to relay fast-changing information, please refer them to the place on your website that will reflect the updates and limit the number of times you push these updates via messages.
  • Please send report cards in the morning or early afternoon to maximize delivery speed.
  • If there were to be a major announcement regarding coronavirus that affects most schools, remember that the more customers that send messages at the same time of day could cause a delay in receiving the emails.
  • Keep in mind that for an increased delivery speed of email and text messages, it is best to send your messages out earlier in the day. Late afternoons and evenings tend to be the peak usage time of our customers. Therefore, messages sent earlier in the day should have no delay.

We have expanded our capacity and are continuously taking more steps to increase our peak email and texting capacities. We are here to do 100% of what we can do to preserve your ability to send out important messages.

BrightArrow recognizes that these are unsettling times and we want to ensure successful delivery of your messages. Therefore, by continuing to follow the above recommendations, we can provide a solution to all customers relaying emergency notifications simultaneously.

Thank you,

The BrightArrow Team