BrightArrow’s Additional Options for PowerSchool

BrightArrow provides the industry’s most feature-rich messaging system as a seamless integration into PowerSchool. This integration is broader than other notification solutions, allowing schools to use BrightArrow’s system to send voice, text and email messages, created and launched from within PowerSchool.

BrightArrow’s Mass Notification Integration for PowerSchool Features:

  • Seamless, and Real-Time Integration with PowerSchool
  • Unlimited Voice Calls, Emails, Text Messages, Social Media Posts, Website Posts and App Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Authorized Users
  • Attendance and Low-Lunch Balance Notification
  • 100 Languages for Text Translations and 20 Languages for Text to Speech Audio
  • iPhone/iPad and Android Apps for Creating and Sending Messages
  • Support for PowerSchool Contacts
  • Integration with PowerTeacher and PowerTeacher Pro Grade-Book
  • Integration with PowerSchool Parent Portal
  • Email PowerSchool Reports (Report Cards, MBA Reports)
  • Panic Button
  • Anti-Bullying Hotline
  • Parent Portal for Individual Access to Opt-In/Opt-Out, Editing of Contact Info and Reviewing Prior Messages
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support
  • No Training or Set Up Fees
  • Fully Compliant with FCC TCPA 1991
***BrightArrow is not affiliated with PowerSchool. Use of their name does not imply endorsement or sponsorship.

Highlighted Upgraded BrightArrow Features for PowerSchool:

  • Full PowerSchool Implementation
  • Compatible with PowerSchool Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Character Texting
  • Voice Calls, Texts, HTML Emails, Social Media Posts, App Push Notifications
  • Document Delivery (included)
  • Advanced Teacher Notification Features with PowerTeacher, PowerTeacher Pro and Gradebook Integration
  • Implementation, Awesome 24×7 Technical Support and Training
  • All for $1.25/Student & Staff/year!

One of the many great options that we offer is our Advanced Report Emailing feature. Here are some advantages and benefits to upgrading:

  • Use your own FROM email address (requires SPF records)
  • Allow addition of automatic HTML templates and email footers
  • Include attachments beyond just the report
  • 24×7 direct support from BrightArrow
  • Intelligent reply-back functionality
  • Mail merge values from any PowerSchool field
  • Allow email of most report types: MBA, PowerSchool Object Reports, PDF Reports from other sources

You recently signed up to work with MBA’s email program, serviced by BrightArrow. You currently have some features, but there’s so much more to discover when you upgrade. Learn more about BrightArrow’s mass notification products, services, and features by contacting or click the button below to request a live webinar demo today!  

Top Claim

“The price is awesome! The staff is knowledgeable and the support hours are unbeatable. There is a lot of flexibility of the product compared to other systems.”

– Dorrell Spence, Lewiston Public Schools, PowerSchool User

Supercharge your Notification with BrightChat!

What is BrightChat? BrightArrow’s secure, automatically configured, two-way instant messaging app used by teachers, coaches and administrators to send messages to parents, students and staff. Click the video below to learn more about this robust teacher/parent two-way communication app.


Below you will find instructional videos that will teach you how to operate BrightArrow’s mass notification system for schools. Click the description to watch each video.

How to use BrightArrow’s system within PowerSchool

Email reports using BrightArrow’s system within PowerSchool

Navigate PowerTeacher and PowerTeacher Pro using BrightArrow

How to use the Parent Portal using BrightArrow within PowerSchool

Full PowerSchool

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